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I'm super hype on this pedal because it's kinda like all the best distortion pedals in one. I've used [A Bass Big M*FF] for a long time and I put it on the shelf as soon as I started using the Oprichniki. The fact that there are six knobs means you can really dial in your tone, which I haven't come across on too many other pedals. I can choose how scooped my mids are, I can add a shitload of gain, and I can boost it as well. For Heavy Temple I like my tone to be a little more full on the low end, but for Covered in Sores I can dial the tone knob all the way up and make it more gritty and bump the treble, since it's fast thrashy grind bass. I haven't used it much on the keys with Narcos, but when I've played around with it you can almost give it a Hammond feel. I would (and definitely have) recommend this pedal to any bassist or guitarist looking to add a bit more scope to their distortion. Death to all but metal! - sue denym


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