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tsar ivan iv’s high gain fuzz of ritual execution

a fuzz to snap at your enemies’ heels

Peek down far enough into the core of this beast and you’ll see something familiar - something black and Russian - but the similarities end very, very quickly. We have pushed the available gain to the absolute limit, and given you unprecedented control; an ultra-wide tone sweep and mid control let you dial in your EQ with laser precision. The clipping sections have been dramatically overhauled for a meaner, fuzzier fuzz - especially at the top of the gain range. The clean blend lets you retain punch and clarity while still pouring on the sustain. In short, this may be the last fuzz you will ever need.


Tone: Clockwise to add treble/remove bass, counterclockwise to add bass/remove treble. Special clipping options add extra harmonics on the treble side of the sweep.

Mids: Fully clockwise preserves all of the midrange content from your original signal. Turn counterclockwise to scoop out progressively more midrange content.

Boost: This controls the input gain for the circuit. Start at 9 o’clock for traditional tones - turn counterclockwise to ease back into overdrive/distortion territory, turn clockwise to slam the pedal with gain!

Gain: This functions like the Sustain control on our black Russian friend, with with way more gain on tap. Waaaaaaaaaaaaay more. Like, an unreasonable amount more. It’s crazy.

Blend: Turn fully clockwise to have a 100% wet signal. Roll counterclockwise to blend your clean signal into the mix. Fully counterclockwise, this pedal becomes a clean boost that you have to try to believe. Try this with a bass. Trust us.

Level: Sets the volume level.

Instruction Manual (pdf)