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kerria lacca

Cornfed preamp/porkolating fuzz combo pal

a genuine lulabelle

John Snyder from Electronic Audio Experiments is the modern father of the absurdly well-considered analog dirt circuit. His Dude Incredible paid tribute to one of our favorite ultra-producers and guitarslingers by putting a Harmonic Percolator and the mysterious tube voice circuit of an IVP-style preamp (now available as The Surveyor) into one box…given what we get up to over here at EF headquarters, this seemed like the ideal starting place for a collaboration. The Kerria Lacca swaps out EAE’s vintage-style Percolator for our Lil Pig and, much like any other time we show up, the result is mayhem. If you’re looking for a versatile dirt workstation, a pedal for flyout gigs, or a way to make a certain Chicago music legend jealous, you’ve come to the right place.

Huge thanks to Danni Sinisi for the stunning design work on the enclosure.


Lil Pig

Hi-Cut: Roll off your highs. This is like the tone knob on your guitar, but backwards - the further clockwise you go, the more highs you cut.

Level: Standard-issue volume control.

Harm: The gain control for this pedal. Clockwise means more grit, nastiness, and sustain.

Brutality: Turn this clockwise to make the fuzz behave in a more traditional fashion. Turn it counterclockwise to get progressively weirder. Phantom octaves, crazy harmonics, and other sundry goodness.

Note: The Harm and Brutality controls are interactive - tweak ‘em both, see what you can find in there!


Level: Regular old, plane-Jane volume control.

Gain: Turn clockwise to up the gain and antagonize the tube voice circuit at the heart of this pedal. There’s a lot of range available - it’ll run clean at the bottom of the scale but dirties up nicely.

Bass/Treble: This is an active two-band Baxandall EQ - turn both controls down for a mids hump, turn ‘em both up to scoop the mids out. Crank the treble knob to get some extra-dirty high end, crank the bass knob to enjoy big, filthy lows.

Instruction Manual (coming soon)