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Having done extensive market research, we can safely assume that you - the kindly patron generously reading this page - are a legend in your field.  We see you there, laughing like a maniac atop a pile of your vanquished foes.  You're looking for a new dirt tone, piled high with harmonics, but you don't have all day to dial it in.  We totally get it!  Thus, the Lil Pig; all of the craziness of the Pigpile (our hog wild take on the Harmonic Percolator) in a smaller package, stripped to the essential controls. A slightly tweaked voicing means the Lil Pig is familiar to its Pigpile roots, but different enough to be at home on the same pedalboard.  The Lil Pig is perfect for those twenty minute breaks between discovering a new species of whale and negotiating the movie rights - grip it, rip it, and apologize to the landlord later.  


Hi-Cut: Roll off your highs. This is like the tone knob on your guitar, but backwards - the further clockwise you go, the more highs you cut.

Level: Standard-issue volume control.

Harm: The gain control for this pedal. Clockwise means more grit, nastiness, and sustain.

Note: The Harm and Brutality controls are interactive - tweak ‘em both, see what you can find in there!

Brutality: Turn this clockwise to make the fuzz behave in a more traditional fashion. Turn it counterclockwise to get progressively weirder. Phantom octaves, crazy harmonics, and other sundry goodness.

Instruction Manual (coming soon)