Germ Warfare - Pedal Images.jpg


3x active germanium booster

tone so good…it violates the geneva convention

The GERM WARFARE is the utility player that will tie your board together. The precise and intuitive EQ pair with a ton of available volume to give you a solo boost that cuts through like a knife. The extra gain and subtle grit of its otherworldly NOS transistors will make all of your other pedals sound better - seriously, all of them. The GERM WARFARE will breathe new life into your favorite fuzz, and give your time/modulation effects some sass without overwhelming them. Crank the gain, boost the mids, and up the treble, and the GERM WARFARE is a solid overdrive on its own. The GERM is as close to tone magic as you can get without actually practicing your instrument (gross).


Gain: Clockwise to add more gain and transistor grit, clockwise to clean up. Start with this turned all the way up, roll back to taste.

Treble: Turning this knob clockwise adds more gain in the high frequencies, and (depending on the position of the gain knob) will make the pedal dirtier. Flat/unity treble is at approximately 9 o’clock - this pedal has a LOT of treble on tap.

Level: Volume control. This pedal is loud - start low and dial up to the level you need.

Bass: Set this toggle to the ‘Flat’ position to enjoy a full-range bass response. Set to ‘Cut’ if you want to clean up low-end flab. Set to ‘Boost’ to add some gain to your lows, fattening them and dirtying them nicely.

Mids: Flip the toggle switch to ‘Boost’ mode for a gain boost in your midrange. This will add dirt if you’ve got the gain turned up, and give you just the right amount of extra midrange presence and cut.

Instruction Manual (pdf)