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eye of ra

sekhmet’s 10x jfet plague of fuzz and distortion

sekhmet is coming for us all.

The Eye of Ra is to distortion what the Rosetta Stone was to hieroglyphics - a key that will open a ruinous dimension of dirt to you and your audiences (RIP, sorry in advance). GAIN 1 and FOCUS pair to set the stage for the ruin to come, allowing you to pick your overdrive/distortion flavor and swath of EQ destruction. GAIN 2 is bright and gritty, adding all the bite and edge you’ll ever need. This unholy concoction is topped off with the three-band EQ from a famous Model of Tube amp circuiT (you know the one)))). Sell the house. Sell the car. Sustain yourself on pure tone and the blood of the innocent.


Focus: An EQ situated just after the preamp. Turn clockwise to add treble/remove bass, counterclockwise to add bass/remove treble.

Gain 1: Controls the gain at the beginning of the circuit. Touch-sensitive, lots of attack. Roll this up for heavy duty overdrive.

Gain 2: Controls the gain after the Gain 1 and Focus knobs. Asymmetrical LED clipping gives you bite, brightness, and grit. Roll it back to let the drive from Gain 1 shine through, or roll it up to get nasty and gritty.

Treble/Mid/Bass: A three-band EQ located after all of the gain, giving you the ability to get your now-filthy frequencies shaped exactly how you’d like them to be. This EQ was borrowed from a pretty well-loved amp that’s known to retain brutal bottom end, should you want it.

Level: Bog standard volume control.

Instruction Manual (pdf)